Uncountable and plural


  • Travel: luggage, baggage, accommodation, money, currency, equipment,          information, travel.
  • Day-to-day household items: soap, toothpaste, washing powder, washing-up liquid, polish, paper.
  • Food: sugar, rice, spaghetti, butter, flour, soup.
  • Abstract words: advice, knowledge, progress, research, work.
  • Materials: cotton, silk, leather, wool, stone, brick, plastic, wodd, concrete, oil, petrol, gas.


  • Tools, instruments, pieces: lscissors, pliers, pincers, tweezers, tongs, binoculars, scales, handcuffs, glasses.
  • Clothes: clothes, pyjamas, jeans, knickers/underpants, tights, braces, leggings, trunks, dungarees, shorts.
  • Useful words: lodgings, goods, foundations, authorities, acoustics, contents, stairs, whereabouts.



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