Adjectives and home

Ungradable adjectives:

  • fantastic
  • amazing
  • wonderful
  • awful
  • horrible
  • terrible
  • perfect
  • delicious
  • useless
  • devastated (very, very sad)
  • ecstatic (very, very happy)
  • hilarious (very, very funny)
  • gorgeous (very beautiful)
  • exhausted (very tired)
  • starving (very hungry)
  • ancient (very old)
  • disgusting (very unappealing)
  • spotless (very clean)
  • filthy (very dirty)
  • slammed (very busy)
  • excruciating (very painful)
  • adorable (very cute)
  • enormous (very large)
  • minuscule/tiny (very small)
  • wasted (very drunk)
  • freezing (very cold)
  • hideous (very ugly)
  • thrilled
  • delighted
  • furious (very angry)
  • terrified (very afraid)
  • brilliant (very clever)
  • boiling (very hot)

Now try to sing this song with this rythm:

Double-glazed (a tile floor),

a penthouse (wooden floor),

furnished or unfurnished,

it’s restored or rebuilt,

quiet area, open-plan,

overlook garden with swimming pool,

no carpet and no central heating,

amenities at your door step,

it’s all brand new, with nice landlord,

rent it,

rent it,

rent it.

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